I told you I was back with a vengeance! 

Today we are visiting the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. This cruise hits on some of my favorite places we’ve been to this far, and Corfu is definitely on that list. And finally, it’s sunny! Nothing makes me happier then spending the day soaking up the sun and breathing fresh air.   

So, having no agenda for the day, Carver, Brian, and I went out after rehearsal for some sun, coffee, and lunch. 

Sidenote: Greece has my favorite coffee drink in the world (that I’ve tried thus far). It’s called a Cappuccino Freddo. Basically it’s an iced cappuccino, but somehow instead of steaming the milk it’s whipped. I don’t even usually drink cappuccinos, but this is so worth it! So yummy! 

Anyway, that is exactly what I got! Plus we found this amazing cafe/lunch spot called the Earth Cafe a few trips ago, that we went to again today. They have amazing food and great coffee. Not to mention, good wifi, which has become invaluable being so far from home with no cell service. 

After a tasty lunch, I took off just wandering and exploring a bit before meeting back up with the boys and Alexis & Jason to head back to the ship.  It was a short day out, but a really nice one! 

Now, I’m back on the ship for the night. Tonight we have our Song & Dance show, then after we are doing a late night show for the crew! As a cast we came together and picked things we wanted for this show, instead of just doing one of our usual shows for the crew. It felt like a better why to engage and give back to the rest of the crew! Not to mention, stretch our creative muscles a bit! 9 months doing the same shows makes you feel a bit like a one trick pony. Time to start getting back into shape before I get home! 

So, tonight should be busy, but fun! I’m sure I’ll have loads of pictures to show for it in my post tomorrow! 

Thanks for stopping by ❤
xoxo Alexandra xoxo 




Okay. I know. It’s been a minute.

Barcelona, Spain

Sometimes life gets in the way and certain things fall through the cracks. Like my blog. Neglected and full of cobwebs. Well, I’m back! Sorry, if you’ve been following and have noticed my absence here. And, if you haven’t, well, great!

Since I last wrote there have been some AMAZING adventures, some real hardships, and some normal days as well. I mean, as normal as it get when you’re traveling the world on a ship!

So, since I last wrote, Chris took a cruise! Let me tell you, having him on board was amazing, and it was over the holidays. What a dream to travel with Chris! I am such a lucky girl. This second half, after he came and visited has felt so much longer, but we are almost there! Just over two months until I’m back for good!

In Venice with Chris

Also, since I last wrote, we visited North Africa! How cool is that?! Algiers and Tunisia were so cool, and the people I met there were so nice! What an amazing peek I got to have of two remarkable places.

Here are some highlights from the last few months… woof 😉…

Exploring Venice, Italy with Katrina, Jade & Petr
Rome, Italy with Petr, Jade, Katrina,Alexis & Jason
Elephants in Rome!
Trevi Fountain in Rome
Katrina, Alexis, and I at our favorite restaurant, Eqvita, in Monte Carlo on International Woman’s Day!
Katrina & I having dinner at The Restaurant on board the ship
Celebrating Petr’s birthday in Civitavecchia, Italy with Jade & Katrina
Exploring Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain with Katrina & Jade
Celebrating 100 days left in our contract at crew bar with Alexis, Carver, Brian, Jason, & Katrina
The whole crew posing after we performed our amazing new Dirty Dancing number, choreographed by Jade & Petr!
Amazing pizza with Alexis in Civitavecchia, Italy
A fun night out in Barcelona, Spain with our whole production team, plus Julia!
A night out in Barcelona with Katrina, Jade, & Petr
A night out in Valletta, Malta with Chris!
Exploring Algiers!
The Tarzan Tree in the botanical gardens in Algiers
Exploring the Carthage ruins in Tunisia!
Exploring the Carthage ruins in Tunisia with Katrina
Riding a camel named, Tilla, outside the ship in Tunisia! 

The palace in Monte Carlo
Evening trip to Rome with Brian and Katrina! At the Colosseum! 
At the Trevi Fountain (again), in Rome Italy! 
New Years Eve on the Viking Sea with Emma, Katrina, Carver, & Alexis! 
Another fun night out in Barcelona, Spain with Katrina and Jade! 
Chris & I exploring Monte Carlo on Christmas! 
Chris and I on Christmas Eve, missing our kitties! 
The whole gang, minus Petr (who is taking the picture), plus Chris & the Captain of the Viking Sea, makes for an awesome Christmas Eve picture! 


The Leaning Tower of Pisa with Chris! 
Leaning with the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 
Chris pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Chris and I visiting Rome, Italy! First stop, the Colosseum! 
Chris and I visiting Rome, Italy! Second stop, the Trevi Fountain! We made a wish together! 
On our way to Rome, Italy from Civitavecchia! We made it… somehow! 
Date night with Chris while he was on board the ship! 
On the famous wall surrounding Dubrovnik, Croatia
Chris and I exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia! 
Climbing up to the Fortress in Kotor, Montenegro! 
Looking down on Kotor, Montenegro! What an amazing view! 
Splashing around in Mykonos, Greece! 

Ship life is an interesting thing. It’s really unlike any other experience I have ever had in my life. At times it’s been really hard. But, as always, I try to focus on the silver lining. I can’t talk enough about the amazing people I am here with. The support, love, and friendship I have here is literally what keeps me going. Thank god for these people.

I am also constantly blown away by the support I feel from back home. From Chris, from my parents, from my friends, and from my family. I always have these amazing, strong people behind me.

But, one thing, that I’ve also really grown into here is supporting myself. Sometimes it is so easy to doubt yourself. To doubt your feelings and your experiences, but it’s not worth the stress and worry that these doubts bring about. I think the main thing I’ve learned out here on the ocean, is not to doubt myself. Trust yourself. You know what’s best for you. You’ve got your mind, body, heart, and soul guiding you. Just listen. At least, I’m trying to.

Exploring Dubrovnik! Such a breahtaking place! 

There’s a lot of world out there, and no amount of doubting or fear or anxiety is gonna make me miss out or waste it. I have to many goals to accomplish and to much life live.

So, back to my travels, my adventures, and the amazing path ahead. I am gonna finish this contract traveling across the Mediterranean and up to the Baltic, I’m gonna go home and just back into the audition scene, get new headshots, and hopefully book a million jobs (hehe). AND I’m gonna PLAN MY WEDDING! Eek! 438 days until I’m Chris Carter’s wife! OMG. That’s nuts. So freaking excited.

Plus, my parents will be on board next cruise! I literally see them in 5 days. I could cry I’m so excited!

The gorgeous waters of Dubrovnik, Croatia! 

Anyway, life is going well. Here on the ship we are hitting some of my favorite places before heading up to the Baltic! Yesterday we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and we met up with the cast from our sister ship, the Viking Star! They were so fun and so awesome to chill with! We had so many shared experiences and laughs together even though we just met! Then, today we were in Kotor, Montenegro, which is by far one of my favorite places we have visited. It’s just so charming and lovely. I can’t wait to go back with my parents!

In Dubrovnik, Croatia with Rebecca, who is my track on one of the other Viking ships! So much fun meeting her and sharing one of my favorite spots! 

Anyway, I’m back in action and ready to record my adventures. I can’t wait to keep sharing them with you!

xoxo Alexandra xoxo