New Dawn.

Another transition, another beginning.  Can you believe how quickly 9 months flew by?  I certainly can’t.  9 months of ups and downs, laughs and adventures.  What an amazing experience.  I feel so lucky.

…But oh, the glory of being home! Being with Chris, in my own space, with my cats, my bed, my coffee maker, my couch, my internet service… the list goes on and on.  The past three weeks of being home have been the most self indulgent, hard working, rejuvenating, whirlwind.  And. I. Am. So. Glad. To. Be. Back.

Where to start? What to do? There is so much to get back to, so much to start, and so much to continue.

First comes first, for those of you that have followed my blog since its start, I should explain the domain and name change.  Obviously, I am back from my journey across the ocean, thus “Across the Ocean and Back” become obsolete.  However, I love that my slogan has become “big adventures little lady.” It suits me.  So, I changed the domain to, because not only does it suit me, but it will always fit me, no matter where I go and no matter where I grow.  I will always be a little lady, and I will always find big adventures… or they will find me! Second, the blog name change.  Since I crossed the ocean and came back, I felt like I needed a new adventure to focus my blog on.  What you might ask is that new adventure?  Well, its not job related this time, its personal! “Alexandra Across the Aisle” refers to my journey across the aisle to Chris, as we plan our wedding over this next year! How exciting is that? I still can’t get over it! Now, don’t worry! My blog will still consist of the normal Alexandra- like daily adventures and musings, but the overarching theme for the next year will be my wedding plans and their fruition! What’s after that (you might be asking yourself)?  Well, don’t worry! I’m sure another adventure will crop up! In the meantime, enjoy Alexandra’s wacky wedding whirlwind!

Anyway, glad we got that covered. Now on to the juicy stuff! Being home has been wonderful, an adjustment, but wonderful! I mean I’m still trying to establish a routine for myself and readjust to the technicalities of real life not on board a ship, but how glorious to be doing so. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it, though.  Listen, I never said I was good at change or adjustment… but slow and steady, am I right?!

The past few days I have been furiously updating my online presence as an actor.  You know, Actors Access, Backstage, my website, and more! I got new headshots taken by the INCREDIBLE David Noles and his lovely makeup artist Anya ( I am still anxiously awaiting their return), as well as updating this lovely little corner of my world!  I have also been filling up my summer calendar with auditions, babysitting, Camp Broadway, weddings, and securing some precious free time with Chris, my friends, and my cats.  Obviously.

I also said goodbye (for now) to my beautiful best friend and maid of honor (yupp, it’s official! She said yes!!!) for the summer.  She is living the dream! Summer stock in Ohio as the number one dream role of all book worms and feminist princesses alike – Belle in Beauty and the Beast.  And let me tell you, La Comedia Dinner Theater, your casting was spot on! Stephanie Windland is gonna blow your Disney minds, and charm you frozen hearts (no pun intended?). GO GET ‘EM GIRL! ….. As you can see I will also be making a trip to Ohio this summer, because STEPH = BELLE! DUH!


Another fun adventure I have had since my big return to the big apple was to a Mets game at Citi Field, which they won!! It was so fun, and so idealistically summer in the city! Not to mention, hot as hell.  Is has not been the coolest of weeks, but that’s never held me back.  Nothing a tank top and some deodorant can’t fix! Anyway, Chris, Gerardo, and I adventured all the way on the 7 train to Citi Field in Queens.  The Mets played the Cubs, apparently it was “the underdog game of the century…” or so I’ve been told.  Whatever it was, it was a blast.  We watched the game, cheered on the Mets, had hot dogs (Okay, I had a veggie dog.  I admit. I may not be a pescatarian anymore, but I couldn’t go balls to the wall hot dog. Not yet, at least.), had ice cream out of a helmet, and spent some quality time at America’s favorite past time! What an evening! … AND THE METS WON! How fun is that?!


Being home has been a whirlwind.  I am so happy to be reuniting with friends and settling back into real life. I am so happy!

OH! I almost forgot! Almost most importantly, right when I got back, Chris, my parents, and I went and checked out our wedding venue! It was beautiful, and magical, and whimsical, and so so perfect! I can’t believe we booked it sight unseen, and it is the total package.  I wouldn’t want to get married to Chris anywhere other than the beautiful Fiddle Lake Farm.


We also met with florists and bakers! It was super duper fun and we all left with some serious sugar comas! As far as wedding planning goes, sure it can get a bit stressful, but its been so fun so far.  Our wedding planner, Lisa, is a dream, and every vendor we meet is wonderful.  The hardest part is choosing. So amazing!

So, life is good.  Life is goofy.  Life is amazing.  Life is beautiful.  Life is a blast! Get ready for more amazing moments, more wedding whimsy, and more adventures for this little lady!


xoxo Alexandra xoxo




Winding down. 

I’m sitting in Svaneke on the Island of Bornholm, Denmark have an amazing coffee (obviously) and even more amazing ice cream, feeling so content. One week from today I will be on a plane back home. Home. I can hardly believe it. After 8 1/2 months away, 8 1/2 months living on a ship in the Mediterranean and the Baltic, I will finally be back in New York. 

To say I am excited is an understatement. Although this adventure has been the adventure of a lifetime, 8 1/2 months is a very long time to be away.  I can’t wait to be in my own space, with my love, and my cats! My kitchen, my bed! I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. 

I set out on this journey ready for anything and open to everything and it has been invigorating, exciting, beautiful, inspiring, frustrating, infuriating, and so amazing. I had wanted to write a blog post every few days, documenting my adventures, but between soaking in all the amazing places and working on the ship, oftentimes writing came last on my to do list. 

However, as this chapter comes to a close, my adventures will not. I can’t wait to see what’s next, can’t wait to get back home and jump back into New York life. Hell, I have a wedding to plan with that special guy of mine! 

In the last month we have travelled to some new places. Places I have always dreamed of going to. We stopped in Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Paris, England (where I got to connect with my dear friend, Figgie!), and Bergen, just to name a few. I can’t believe it. I can’t wait to look back at all of these amazing memories! I just turned 25! I am so lucky to have already seen so much of the world. 

One of the best parts of this adventure had been the people I met all over the world. The welcoming, open, beautiful people that I had the chance to connect with. The sweet, pink-haired waitress in Tallinn, Estonia, the boisterous baker in Corfu, Greece,  the kind street artist in Barcelona, Spain, the coffee shop owners in Bergen, Norway, the amazing vegan cook in Koper, Slovenia, the dapper, elderly dog owner in Helsinki, Finland, the kind salesman in St. Petersburg, Russia, and so many more. 

A lot of the world is dark and scary these days. Terrible people monopolize our news and influence our lives daily. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that there is beauty and kindness as well.  But on this adventure of mine, not a day has passed that I haven’t been reminded of the beauty and kindness that also exist in this world.  These connections I have made and people I have met are the shining light on this dark world. All over the world there are kind people, who, no matter what their beliefs or upbringing are, are willing to open their doors, open their hearts, share their talents, and share their stories with anyone traveling through. It is this human connection that brings us all together. I am so grateful to each person I have encountered on this amazing adventure. You have shown me that as long as I continue to keep an open heart and an open mind, there will be others who do the same. 

Yea, it’s been a pretty amazing adventure. 

It’s hard for me figure out how to transition from this experience to whatever my next endeavor is. I mean, not to rush anything, but I still have a week left, after all. Maybe I’ll go from travel blogger, to wedding blogger! Who knows! The adventures are endless and the world is big! This little lady can’t wait to see what the future holds!

xoxo Alexandra xoxox 



I told you I was back with a vengeance! 

Today we are visiting the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece. This cruise hits on some of my favorite places we’ve been to this far, and Corfu is definitely on that list. And finally, it’s sunny! Nothing makes me happier then spending the day soaking up the sun and breathing fresh air.   

So, having no agenda for the day, Carver, Brian, and I went out after rehearsal for some sun, coffee, and lunch. 

Sidenote: Greece has my favorite coffee drink in the world (that I’ve tried thus far). It’s called a Cappuccino Freddo. Basically it’s an iced cappuccino, but somehow instead of steaming the milk it’s whipped. I don’t even usually drink cappuccinos, but this is so worth it! So yummy! 

Anyway, that is exactly what I got! Plus we found this amazing cafe/lunch spot called the Earth Cafe a few trips ago, that we went to again today. They have amazing food and great coffee. Not to mention, good wifi, which has become invaluable being so far from home with no cell service. 

After a tasty lunch, I took off just wandering and exploring a bit before meeting back up with the boys and Alexis & Jason to head back to the ship.  It was a short day out, but a really nice one! 

Now, I’m back on the ship for the night. Tonight we have our Song & Dance show, then after we are doing a late night show for the crew! As a cast we came together and picked things we wanted for this show, instead of just doing one of our usual shows for the crew. It felt like a better why to engage and give back to the rest of the crew! Not to mention, stretch our creative muscles a bit! 9 months doing the same shows makes you feel a bit like a one trick pony. Time to start getting back into shape before I get home! 

So, tonight should be busy, but fun! I’m sure I’ll have loads of pictures to show for it in my post tomorrow! 

Thanks for stopping by ❤
xoxo Alexandra xoxo 



Okay. I know. It’s been a minute.

Barcelona, Spain

Sometimes life gets in the way and certain things fall through the cracks. Like my blog. Neglected and full of cobwebs. Well, I’m back! Sorry, if you’ve been following and have noticed my absence here. And, if you haven’t, well, great!

Since I last wrote there have been some AMAZING adventures, some real hardships, and some normal days as well. I mean, as normal as it get when you’re traveling the world on a ship!

So, since I last wrote, Chris took a cruise! Let me tell you, having him on board was amazing, and it was over the holidays. What a dream to travel with Chris! I am such a lucky girl. This second half, after he came and visited has felt so much longer, but we are almost there! Just over two months until I’m back for good!

In Venice with Chris

Also, since I last wrote, we visited North Africa! How cool is that?! Algiers and Tunisia were so cool, and the people I met there were so nice! What an amazing peek I got to have of two remarkable places.

Here are some highlights from the last few months… woof 😉…

Exploring Venice, Italy with Katrina, Jade & Petr
Rome, Italy with Petr, Jade, Katrina,Alexis & Jason
Elephants in Rome!
Trevi Fountain in Rome
Katrina, Alexis, and I at our favorite restaurant, Eqvita, in Monte Carlo on International Woman’s Day!
Katrina & I having dinner at The Restaurant on board the ship
Celebrating Petr’s birthday in Civitavecchia, Italy with Jade & Katrina
Exploring Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain with Katrina & Jade
Celebrating 100 days left in our contract at crew bar with Alexis, Carver, Brian, Jason, & Katrina
The whole crew posing after we performed our amazing new Dirty Dancing number, choreographed by Jade & Petr!
Amazing pizza with Alexis in Civitavecchia, Italy
A fun night out in Barcelona, Spain with our whole production team, plus Julia!
A night out in Barcelona with Katrina, Jade, & Petr
A night out in Valletta, Malta with Chris!
Exploring Algiers!
The Tarzan Tree in the botanical gardens in Algiers
Exploring the Carthage ruins in Tunisia!
Exploring the Carthage ruins in Tunisia with Katrina
Riding a camel named, Tilla, outside the ship in Tunisia! 

The palace in Monte Carlo
Evening trip to Rome with Brian and Katrina! At the Colosseum! 
At the Trevi Fountain (again), in Rome Italy! 
New Years Eve on the Viking Sea with Emma, Katrina, Carver, & Alexis! 
Another fun night out in Barcelona, Spain with Katrina and Jade! 
Chris & I exploring Monte Carlo on Christmas! 
Chris and I on Christmas Eve, missing our kitties! 
The whole gang, minus Petr (who is taking the picture), plus Chris & the Captain of the Viking Sea, makes for an awesome Christmas Eve picture! 


The Leaning Tower of Pisa with Chris! 
Leaning with the Leaning Tower of Pisa! 
Chris pushing the Leaning Tower of Pisa!
Chris and I visiting Rome, Italy! First stop, the Colosseum! 
Chris and I visiting Rome, Italy! Second stop, the Trevi Fountain! We made a wish together! 
On our way to Rome, Italy from Civitavecchia! We made it… somehow! 
Date night with Chris while he was on board the ship! 
On the famous wall surrounding Dubrovnik, Croatia
Chris and I exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia! 
Climbing up to the Fortress in Kotor, Montenegro! 
Looking down on Kotor, Montenegro! What an amazing view! 
Splashing around in Mykonos, Greece! 

Ship life is an interesting thing. It’s really unlike any other experience I have ever had in my life. At times it’s been really hard. But, as always, I try to focus on the silver lining. I can’t talk enough about the amazing people I am here with. The support, love, and friendship I have here is literally what keeps me going. Thank god for these people.

I am also constantly blown away by the support I feel from back home. From Chris, from my parents, from my friends, and from my family. I always have these amazing, strong people behind me.

But, one thing, that I’ve also really grown into here is supporting myself. Sometimes it is so easy to doubt yourself. To doubt your feelings and your experiences, but it’s not worth the stress and worry that these doubts bring about. I think the main thing I’ve learned out here on the ocean, is not to doubt myself. Trust yourself. You know what’s best for you. You’ve got your mind, body, heart, and soul guiding you. Just listen. At least, I’m trying to.

Exploring Dubrovnik! Such a breahtaking place! 

There’s a lot of world out there, and no amount of doubting or fear or anxiety is gonna make me miss out or waste it. I have to many goals to accomplish and to much life live.

So, back to my travels, my adventures, and the amazing path ahead. I am gonna finish this contract traveling across the Mediterranean and up to the Baltic, I’m gonna go home and just back into the audition scene, get new headshots, and hopefully book a million jobs (hehe). AND I’m gonna PLAN MY WEDDING! Eek! 438 days until I’m Chris Carter’s wife! OMG. That’s nuts. So freaking excited.

Plus, my parents will be on board next cruise! I literally see them in 5 days. I could cry I’m so excited!

The gorgeous waters of Dubrovnik, Croatia! 

Anyway, life is going well. Here on the ship we are hitting some of my favorite places before heading up to the Baltic! Yesterday we were in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and we met up with the cast from our sister ship, the Viking Star! They were so fun and so awesome to chill with! We had so many shared experiences and laughs together even though we just met! Then, today we were in Kotor, Montenegro, which is by far one of my favorite places we have visited. It’s just so charming and lovely. I can’t wait to go back with my parents!

In Dubrovnik, Croatia with Rebecca, who is my track on one of the other Viking ships! So much fun meeting her and sharing one of my favorite spots! 

Anyway, I’m back in action and ready to record my adventures. I can’t wait to keep sharing them with you!

xoxo Alexandra xoxo



Another day.  Another amazing adventure for this little lady.

Yesterday, Brian and I took a crew tour to the Dead Sea.  Yupp.  For our last day in Israel, we took the trek down to the lowest place on the face of the earth, floated in the salty water, got all muddy, ate falafel sandwiches, searched for salt crystals and sun-bathed.  It was awesome!

We are always allowed to join in on guest tours, schedule permitting, but crew tours are magical creatures in and of themselves! On guest tours we serve as escorts who help the tour guide and guests, while also getting the opportunity to see the beautiful places we visit.

CREW TOURS on the other hand a much more relaxed for us! We still get to see the amazing places, but we get to hang out with friends, wear street clothes (instead of uniforms), and we get a lot more freedom to explore on our own.  Its always a pretty awesome day!

So, yesterday, Brian and I went on our Dead Sea adventure! We woke up at 8am, hopped on the mini bus along with 15 other crew members, and drove the 2 hour ride to the Dead Sea! We left from Ashdod, where the ship was ported, and drove through Jerusalem.  At about three quarters of our way there, our driver pulled to the side of the road to let us have a photo opportunity at the exact spot that we reached sea level…IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT! That was pretty cool!


Then, back on the road.  Next our driver took us to some souvenir shops near the dead sea.  Funny, right? Usually souvenirs come after a visit, but our driver took matters into his own hands and brought us before.  I guess he had a plan.  Maybe it worked, I bought some awesome cuticle cream made from the Dead Sea mud and a magnet!

(SIDENOTE: So, because I am living on a cruise ship, the walls of our rooms are metal or magnetic.  Knowing this, I brought TONS of pictures to hang on my wall.  Unfortunately, I forgot magnets to hang the pictures.  Figures… However, because of Alexis’ BRILLIANT idea, I have been collecting magnets from every place I go, and each new magnet means I get to hang up a picture on my wall.  Cool, right?!  Anyway, that’s why I got a magnet at the Dead Sea.)

Back to the adventure… After stopping at the souvenir shop, we got back on the road to the Dead Sea! Riding up to the beaches, we passed what looked like a palm tree forrest.  It was beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen! Rows and rows and rows of palm trees, hundreds deep.  So. Cool.

Then we got to the Dead Sea.  It was beautiful.  Such an amazing place. So quiet and peaceful and still.  I thought it would be so much more crowded on the beach, but it was so quiet. We were the biggest group there, and it was so nice.  We practically had the beach to ourselves, which was awesome!

And then, we FLOATED.  It was amazing.  You almost can’t walk in the Dead Sea.  Once you get out knee deep, you either sink into the mud or lay on your back and float.  Walking is no longer really an option.  But what an amazing feeling.  Being pushed up to the surface of the water and held there.  The bouncy was unbelievable.  I couldn’t help giggle as we floated through the water.

To top it off, we grabbed handfuls of the Dead Sea mud, and COVERED ourselves in it. Head to toe.  It was like giving ourselves a natural, spontaneous spa treatment.  What a silly idea! We went to the lowest point on the face of the earth, and rubbed MUD all over our bodies.  AND, it felt great! So, there we all were covered in mud, laughing, drinking, and having a wonderful time! What a day!

It was so nice, did the whole mud thing twice! Double the exfoliation and spa treatment! We had lunch at a little bar on the beach called, The Lowest Bar in the World, because it was, the lowest bar in the world! Its so crazy to wrap my brain around that!  At the bar, we got amazing Falafel for lunch, which felt perfect for the atmosphere of the day.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and laying in the sun.  There is nothing like a day outside in the sun when you are living inside of a big steel ship.  It was just what the doctor ordered.

And, after a wonderful day, we packed up and got on the bus back to the ship. It was really the perfect day, and the perfect way to relax and remember to breathe.  I felt so centered and present.  Its days like that that I have to remind myself of when I feel overwhelmed with and swept up in life.  Just remember floating in the Dead Sea.  Remember being covered in mud.  That’s what its all about.  Being silly.  Living in the moment.  Trying something new, and appreciating where life takes you.

I was reading something Carver said in an interview he and I did for the Camp Broadway blog.  In it he reminded readers to, “LIVE LIFE FULLY!” He talked about how having life experiences not only makes you a more well-rounded person, but also helps you to be more truthful, understanding, and honest onstage.  What a lovely reminder that was! Everything comes together in life, and how lucky that I can use my amazing adventures and experiences to shape who I am and want to be.  As well as, using them to support and grow as an artist.  ANNNNDDD, I am surrounded by amazing people, like Carver, who are constantly reminding me and inspiring me to push myself to grow and be conscious.  How lucky can one girl get?!

On top of it all, Chris will be here in 13 days.  I repeat, 13 days! As I’ve said before, I. CANNOT. WAIT.

Right now we are sailing to Rhodes, Greece.  Tomorrow we are at sea, on our way for the whole day.  Until my next adventure, keep breathing and exploring and finding the giggles in life! Its worth it.

xoxo Alexandra xoxo






… And just like that I’m back in Israel. Yupp, that’s right, the Viking Sea is back in Israel. Since my last blog post, we spent three days in Isreal, traveled to Italy and Greece, and now we are back in Haifa. In some ways I feel like time is inching by, but in other ways I feel like I blink and I miss so much. 

I think that’s the side effect of cruise ship life, but it can be a little overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like I’m holding my breath. Like I’m not taking there time to inhale and then release that air. So, today that’s my focus. To take a deep breath and let it all out. To empty my lungs, so that I can refill them again. 

When your passion and your job are so closely intertwined, as I think they are for many artists and actors, the stakes get really high sometimes. It’s easy to every bit of baggage onto your shoulders and hold it there, as if it is your responsibility alone. I feel this for myself. I tense up and push through and work hard and forget to breathe. I forget to relax. Even enjoying myself becomes part of the job, and that alone is a joy-killer. 

So, enough with the hum-drum and the anxiety. This opportunity I am now faced with is one full of challenges that I accept. I am ready to face these obstacles and come out on the other side having put my all into my job, but also having taken damn good care of my head, my heart, and my body. I just have to breath in and out. 

Two days ago was Jade’s birthday and we had an awesome weekend of celebrations!  It was great reminder of how amazing the people are that I am surrounded by. We had a movie night as a cast on Jade’s actual birthday, then last night we went out in Haifa, but the biggest surprise was that we got to eat dinner in one of the restaurants on board for her bithday!! Usually, as crew, we are only allowed to eat in the restaurant if we are invited by a guest. However last night, Julia, our H.R. Manager, got us into the restaurant as a cast!! What a special treat, and a great way to celebrate a VERY SPECIAL lady! 

Today, we got to sleep in… cue the hallelujah chorus! I defiantly needed it. Why does it never feel like I have slept enough? I remember as a kid hating going to bed and fighting off sleep. Now, it probably one of my favorite things! 😆😆

Anyway, we had a quick brush up rehearsal this afternoon and later some of us are going to go out to get dinner in Haifa. The last time we were here we discovered and incredible restaurant called Fattoush, and this time we are going back. It probably has the best hummus I have ever had in my life. Everything they serve is fresh and delicious!  

Tonight we are doing our Parisian cabaret, and I have a date with my handsome FIANCÉ after! This weekend was one of those harder weekends to be so far from home, since it was Thanksgiving.  I have never been away from my family on Thanksgiving. So, it was a hard reminder of the distance and time I am away on the cruise. That being said, no matter far I am I still feel so connected to my loved ones. This Thanksgiving, Chris still went to my family’s celebration and was unofficially inducted into the family by carving the turkey!!! I love that so much! I even got a picture! Be still my heart 😘😘

So, my adventures continue! I have been mediocre about posting (which I am trying to remedy), but each day is a new day to work hard, breathe deeply, and enjoy this amazing world! 

xoxo Alexandra xoxo



Yad Vashem Museum – a place of remeberance and sadness. A place that holds the ghosts of a horrifying tragedy, as well as the spirit of a people still thriving. 

I visited Yad Vashem, a measure dedicated to giving names and memorial to the victims of the Holocouet, today in Jerusalem, Israel. It felt shockingly appropriate and important to remember today. The world is so much bigger than each of us and our lives, but when people come together, good and bad, the entire world can be forever changed. What power we hold. 

I won’t take this for granted. I see the divides in the world now, and I won’t waste my voice. The past is too real now, more than ever, and I will not be a bystander. I will speak for myself, for the people I love, for the people I respect, for the people who have come before me, and for the people who will follow.  Each of us had he responsibly to stand up for goodness, tolerance, and equality for all. Even in the face of great hate and danger. Lest we forget the past.

Each new place I travel, I see more of the beauty that this world holds. I see the spectacular history preserved, I meet people so different from myself and yet the conversation flows. For these things, I am so grateful. In dark times, it is important to look outside ourselves and experience the rest of the world. 
So much of my life had been sheltered, not in a bad way, but by amazing, like-minded people. Nonetheless, sheltered. I am so lucky in so many ways, I am now trying to open my eyes everyday to understanding the world around me. I will carry these experiences with me, and use them to inform the way I live, as a citizen of the world. 

As of now I have visited SEVEN new countries! The experience takes my breath away every time we pull into a new port and see a new city. Sure, I don’t always see everything, but my goodness, I am enjoying dipping my toes into each places waters… so to speak. 

The world is a beautiful place, my friends. Humans are a pretty remarkable species. So far I have seen some of the most beautiful, iconic things we are responsible for, and the most tragic, horrific ones too. And yet, we continue to exist. Some people follow the goodness and art and live. Others, anger, destruction, and selfishness. I think we each have both in us. I don’t like to say that, but maybe it’s true. Maybe each of us is capable of each sides of human nature. If I believe that, then maybe I can also believe that those who choose negativity can change and choose to embrace and love. 

Let’s all try. Try to choose to create. To love. To understand. To dream. To achieve. And in the face of negativity, opposition, and oppression stand together and fight. Not fight. But stand together and incite justice, equality, and change when necessary. Never. Stand. Down. The world is so remarkable and beautiful, let’s cherish and nourish that. 

I have taken some amazing pictures these past few weeks and I want to share all about my adventures. I will write about my adventures and post about them tomorrow. For today, I just want to reflect. 

Thanks Israel for the amazing visit. I can’t wait to be back! 

xoxo Alexandra xoxo 



We have been on the ship for 10 days. Woah. Life is crazy here aboard the Viking Sea. The last week and a half have been FULL with rehearsals, trainings, and installations. What a crazy time! We have been to four countries, through three time zone changes, seven opening nights, two times ashore, and lots of adjusting to ship life. But, the family I have joined here on the Viking Sea is so worth it! 

Today, for the second time since we boarded, I got to get off the ship! The first time was in Dubrovnik, Croatia.  We only had an hour or so free to get off the boat, so we just stopped by a little cafe and had some food and coffee. It was lovely! 

Today, though, we had a few hours free in Venice, Italy! Actually, I was on duty today.  It means I wasn’t  allowed off the ship because there always has to be a certain number of crew on board. However, because it the Mertz production team’s last day, one of my lovely coworkers, Raymond, switched days with me!!! I am still so grateful. He really saved my day! 

Anyway we got off the boat and our team, Kyle, Juan, Louie, and Kristen took us to a great little pizza place they discovered on a past visit. It was awesome. I got pizza. In Italy. It was so yummy. Then we explored a little more, I obviously had gelato (BEACUSE ITALY), and then hurried back to the ship! I mean, we do have a show in 45 minuets! 

All this is just so unreal. The ship is beautiful. The schedule is busy, but so worth it. The passengers are lovely. The cast and crew are perfection, and I can finally start exploring the amazing places we are sailing through. Life is really good.

Oh, and, Chris comes in 47 DAYS. I repeat, 47 DAYS!!!!!!

Below are some adventures I’ve had so far, in no particular order. LOL 

Opening of our ABBA show… 

Gino’s selfies!!! 

Our first look at the ship! 

First time in the Viking Uniform! Red and blue never felt so good! 😉😉

Opening night of one of our mainstage shows, Songscape! 

A sensible ride on our backstage PFD Pal, Shamu! 

Some amazing views from the ship! The first is when we were ported in Monte Carlo, and the second is an evening on the ocean! 

Sailing into Venice, and exploring for a while! 

I can’t believe that the world is literally at my fingertips. Tomorrow more Venice, and then on to Athens… WHAT IS LIFE?! I’m ready to explore, grow, and learn so much out here in the big wide world! This little lady is so excited to be on this big adventure! 

Here is a little clip from our dress run of ABBA! 

xoxo Alexandra xoxo



Okay. It has been a while since my last post. I’m slacking, I know. It won’t happen again. But let me tell you, we have been BUSY! 

Rehearsals are intense. Learning 7 shows in one month is a lot. Each show is a totally different song and singing style. I mean, it’s a lot to cram into your brain and body. As far as material and understanding, this rehearsal process has been one of the most challenging experiences.

On the other hand, I am continually inspired, revitalized, entertained, and supported by the people I am working with! What an amazing group I have found myself surrounded by! This process might be hard, but we are gonna make it through with an amazing set of shows for the Viking Sea and a once in a lifetime experience ahead of us. 

But, that’s basically been life these past few weeks. A lot of rehearsing, a lot of working, a lot of learning, a lot of stress, but always a lot of fun! 

Sprinkled into this crazy/wonderful rehearsal process have also been some amazing adventures too! 

On our first day off, Sterling, our assistant director, got us Park Hopper Passes to Disney World. We got to see him in Finding Nemo the musical, and gallavant all through the parks! It was a magical day!!! We had so much fun, and it was nuts that Sterling got us in!

Then on a spur of the moment decision, CHRIS CAME DOWN TO VISIT! It was a bit of a tease, but I woundn’t trade it for the world. I just love that guy so much! 😍 It was an awesome weekend. We got this beautiful room in the Hilton Hotel and spent Friday and Saturday together, just hanging out. It was short, but it was so worth it. We had such a wonderful time together, like always. Even getting caught in the rain with Chris is a blast!  
I’m so glad I got to see Chris one more time before I set sail. I miss him so much and seeing him is like a dose of the best medicine for my spirt and my heart. Only two months until our next visit… IN EUROPE! 

Then, last week, Jade, one of the dancers in our cast, swooped in like an angel and led the ladies in the cast in a GIRLS NIGHT! It was such a blast. We hung out, relaxed, put on face masks, chatted,  and laughed… a lot. It was wonderful! 

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such genuine, kind, goofy people! 

Also, as a cast outing earlier this week the whole company went to an escape the room game and then back to the company owner’s house for dinner! It was so much fun! I did an escape the room once in New York for my best friend Steph’s birthday, but every one is different! The one I did with Steph was a lot more about puzzles, this one was a themed adventure through different rooms while searching for clues! It was intense… and so much fun! PLUS, WE EASCAPED! GO TEAM MOTTER! 😉😉

Then we had a lovely dinner at the owner of Mertz Productions house, Joe and his wife Angie. Their home was beautiful. It was such a nice end to a great night! 

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday our director, Juan, brought in a masseuse to give us each a 1/2 hour massage! It was heaven! 😊

So, even though this process has been unbelievably hard, there has been an incredible amount fun and support. And, in three days we fly to Barcelona to board the ship!!!! How crazy is that?!? 

There is still a lot of work ahead of me, but the adventure is so worth it! After all what’s an adventure without a little challenge!  


describing an experience that makes you fearful yet fascinated, awed yet attracted – the powerful, personal experience of being overwhelmed and inspired.

                  pronunciation: ‘nU-mi-nus 

xoxo Alexandra xoxo



Photo credit to my cast mate Brain 😘

This week was long. Long and wonderful. You guys, sea school is no joke! We had 8-12 hours of learning /training/drilling/testing, Monday through Friday! It was intense! I know I talked about the first half in my last post, so I’ll try not to repeat myself … but bear with me, it’s been A WEEK. 

Monday through Thursday we had a legend of an instructor, the one and only, Captain Steve. He was a dream. Not only was he super chill and awesome, he was a really great teacher. I mean I’m usually all about a little class time, but this was a hard course because a lot of the material didn’t really apply to us. A lot of it had to do with cargo ships and workmen safety, but regulation is we had to learn it all. And Captian Steve got us through it. What a guy! Amiright?! 

On Thursday, though, we got out of the classroom and went to fire school! It was CRAZY. I have always respected and been grateful to firefighters, but I have a new respect for the physical demands of the job beyond just literally fighting fires! From the 60+ pound gear, to the RIDICULOUSLY heavy pressure hoses, to the lack of visibility, to the damn heat, those guys are rockstars.

… And we got to rock and roll with them for a day! 

Again, Brian with the photography skills !!

The drills we did were nuts! We had to use a fire extinguisher. We had to control, use, and maneuver a 1.5 inch and two inch hose in teams of two. My first picture in this post, is my cast mate Jade and I using the smaller hose! Let me tell you, it’s harder than you could ever expect. My arms are still sore. 

Then we had to put on all the firefighting gear in under 5 minuets. My best time was 3:20! Just call me speedy! No, not really. Everybody did really well, despite the difficulties and lack of practice time real firefighters have. 

Our final two drills got intense. In groups, we had to crawl into a smoke filled apartment, search for a body, identify it, and make it back out of the room all together. It was a lot. It was hot, it was sweaty, it was PITCH  BLACK, claustrophobic, and crazy. But we did it! And honestly, knowing what to do in a situation like that is not bad. Hopefully none of us ever have to use it, but it can’t hurt to know. 

The dummy that we had to find was named Mary, and one of my cast mates, Brian, made an amazing meme about her. We all died …

Don’t worry it’s just a joke, we all completed the drill correctly. This was just a moment of rest for Jade and Alexis! I told you this was a fun group. We just can’t stop laughing. It’s awesome. 

In the last drill, we had to crawl into the same apartment, this time dragging a hose. Then, in the kitchen, they set a fire which got hot enough to roll over the ceiling, or flash over. Using the hose, we had to put it out one at a time. Again, instense. 

It was a really long day, not to mention it was a two hour car ride away from where we are staying. Anyway, we were all WIPED afterwards. But the day didn’t end there. It couldn’t, because it was Carver’s birthday! The big 2-4! So, of course, we went out to celebrate after! 

We ate at this amazing Mexican place called, Rocco’s Taco’s. Dinner was awesome, and afterwards we surprise Carver with carrot cake and candles! We actually snuck the cake into the restaurant in Katrina’s (another cast mate of mine, and my college friend… yea it’s pretty cool to have her here too) purse! It was a big purse! We handed the cake off to the waiter and he brought it out a the perfect moment. I love birthdays and it was really wonderful celebrating with Carver! 

Photo credit to Petr, another of my amazing cast mates!

When we got back to the hotel, we surprised Carver again. This time with champagne and a gift in Alexis and Jason’s room, two more of my cast mates. Obviously, we got him a Viking hat… because we are vikings on the Viking Sea! #vikettes 😁😉 It was a great night of celebrations and quality time as a group! I’m so glad I  got to celebrate such and amazing new friend’s birthday! Here’s to many more! 

Friday was our last day of sea school, and it was ROUGH. We had all checked out. After fire training and partying the day before, and the whole week of sea school, we had used up our concentration and focus. We were all punchy, and giggly, and just plain-old over it. But we did it! And we all passed with flying colors! 

Then, today we had costume fittings and wig training! I am really excited to get started on rehearsals next week. Although, I’m thrilled about our day off tomorrow. I’m sleeping in and then buckling down to learn music. That way I won’t feel like a fish out of water next week! I got harmonies on top of harmonies to learn. So, this little lady’s gotta get her butt in gear. 

But costumes and wigs got me really pumped to start rehearsals, and to start working with everyone doing what we are supposed to be doing! It’s gonna be so cool to see us all in our element. I. Can’t. Wait. 

For obvious reasons I have been really missing home. I just have to keep reminding myself that physical distance doesn’t compare to how much Chris and I love and are in constent contact with each other and to how much my parents and I check with each other. Not to mention, Chris and I booked him plane tickets to come visit me here in Florida!! So, I get to see him soon! High five! 

Photo credit Gerardo Vallejo

But, and I know I’ve said it before, I feel so lucky to be with these awesome people. This cast meshes so well together, and they make me so happy. I’m so overwhelmed by the laughter and support we all already share. I just feel so lucky from all angles of life! I mean just look at these beauties and the genuine happiness we all share. 😍😍

Hopefully next week is filled with more laughs, lots of music, and the beginning of some fun shows! 

xoxo Alexandra xoxo